Add Extra PC Security with our Free Anti-Malware! Cleans Computer & Increases Security!

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Version 1.0.0, 2.642MB

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Cleans Infections
Detects and removes malware including adware, spyware, zeroday, making the infected computer clean and safe again.

Prevents Future Infections
Runs continuously in the background, analysing and preventing infections. The proactive engine shields your PC in real-time.

Protects The Browser
Avoids security threats to the web browser and increases the privacy by removing browser hijackers and adware.

Speeds Up The System
By detecting the potentially unwanted programs and cleaning these, the system gains more resources for the legitimate softwares which results in better performance.

Works on Top of any existing Anti-Virus
LayerSecure is lightweight and does not interfere with other existing Anti-Viruses. The Anti-Malware can be added as an extra layer to increase your security and privacy.